25 marzo 2013

Wave pictures discography updated 2017

2003 Streets of Philadelphia (David T. André Herman Düne)
2003 Just watch your friends don't get you
2003 More street, less TV
2004 The airplanes at Brescia
2005 The Hawaiian open mic. night
2006 Catching light: The songs of André Herman Düne (covers)
2006 Herman Düne sings The Wave Pictures
2006 Sophie
2007 Madrid (Live with Darren Hayman -Hefner-)
2008 Just like a drummer EP
2008 Pigeon EP
2008 Dan of Green Gables
2008 Stanley Brinks (of Herman Düne) and The Wave Pictures
2008 Johnny "Huddersfield" Helm (Jonny Helm album-covers)
2008 Instant Coffe Baby
2009 If you leave it alone
2009 Play some pool (mp3 album)- spotify / Download
2010 David Tattersall - Happy for a while
2010 Sweetheart EP
2010 Strawberry cables (cd single promo)
2010 Stanley Brinks (with the Wave Pictures) - Hoots
2010 Susan Rode the cyclone
2011 Beer in the breakers - Download (+ Bonus cd)
2011 Little Surprise (mp3 sg)
2011 The Lobster Boat (David Tattersall Howard Hughes) Soundcloud
2011 Darren Hayman The Wave Pictures - Christmas single (mp3) Download
2012 Long Black cars Download Buy
2012 Spaghetti (mp3 sg) Buy
2012 David Tattersall - Little Martha
2013 The songs of Jason Molina Contribution
2013 Cuty Forgiveness
2014 Stanley Bricks & The Wave Pictures - Gin
2015 Great Big Flamingo Burning Moon
2016 Bamboo dinner in the rain
2016 A season in hull
2017 Canvey Island baby EP (10")

Singles - 7"
2007 We dressed up like snowmen
2008 I love you like a madman
2008 Strange fruit for David
2009 If I should fall behind
2009 If you leave it alone
2009 Watching Charlie's angels
2010 Sweetheart/Wu (Split 7" with Coming Soon)
2010 Jonny Helm sings
2011 Blue Harbour
2011 In her kitchen
2011 Darren Hayman-Elizabeth Morris-The Wave Pictures
2011 Salt (Wiaiwya 043)
2012 Eskimo kiss
2013 The Woods / The ropes 10"
2014 Stanley Bricks & The Wave Pictures - Orange juice
2015 The Wave Pictures Featuring Billy Childish - I Could Hear The Telephone (3 Floors Above Me) 
2016 Pool hall
2016 Now I Want To Hoover My Brain Clean

Live fib Benicassim 2009
Kiss my cover (Covers collection)
Puncture my pride (Team Love library mp3 compilation)
The Website Unreleased tracks
I thought of you again: Outtakes and alternative versions (Rock Deluxe)
East Village Radio perform (NY 17 August 2011) Link
The Lobster Boat - BBC session 2011 - Download
VA - Seven Swans Link
Radio Sessions 2012 Link;Link2

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  1. Any chance of making a torrent or send me all discography of wave pictures that you have? I lost mine and I can't find most of them online... it's driving me mad. I really like them. (pswg.pt@gmail.com)